Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013

Fathers Day......

...... Meneer van Duin!

My dearest Darling,

I am thinking of you all day long and even I know you don't find it necessary to celebrate Fathers Day, I want to spread some words.  

I love the fact that you are the father of our children. Protect them, teach them, love them, stay patient with them, cooking and even playing games with them, which they totally enjoy.

always fun with Daddy

Life has changed for Marie-Louise and Isaac with the day you entered their life's. Elias, often tells me "I am Papa, and Constantin can't get enough from you. Always asking where you are......

Constantin loves to be with you

Now in some couple weeks our little Princess will arrive and I know for sure that she get's the best father in the world.

our Summer-Baby
I love you and I am very thankful for all your love and your big heart that you are giving to our growing family. 

you and me
Thanks Darling and many kisses and hugs from far away Vienna. 

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