Donnerstag, 1. März 2018

Happy special Birthday.....


My Darling,

if I would now mention the number of the years we are celebration today, you would not like it, but I will say it like this:

" Happy half century!"

I am so very happy that we are able to celebrate together, as life has show'n us just some couple days ago how quick, unexpected and quiet, without a good bye or I love you can end. Our house is filled with both, sadness and happiness at the Moment, but today we want to celebrate that you are with us, your special day, your Birthday.

For me you are the most quick thinking, honest and challenging person in the world. I love your smile and story telling with all your body language is truly yours. You make me laugh in moments that I don't find to laugh at all and make me cry when you deeply touch my heart.

Discussions, is something, (it seems like) everybody around you avoids, your  quick thinking and reasoning can't be beaten. You are the most honest man I know, you are more than correct in even the little Detail.

I chose this pick,(2008) because I fell in love with it. It did something to me and your  white shirt will be with me forever. How you put a spell on me in the first days getting to know each other in my home town, Vienna.

Your love for MV Agusta, Motor GP, Formel 1 and Dream Theater was not mine and I had to grow into it, because it is your world. I love how much pleasure you can find in those "noisy" and "smelly" pleasures. I truly love it when you come home from a fast, (speeding wise - FAST) ride and I can sence how relaxed and happy you are. I am never afraid and would never hold you back, to enjoy your pleasures of life.

It is beautiful to see, how our children are so happy when you are around. They feel, comfortable, safe and loved and for that I am very greatful. Their lifes are so filled with  special moments and happinnes. you would do everything to make them happy. 

Thank you Darling for all the nice moments that we share, for the growth that we are going through and for the deep love for each other.

I am thankful to your mother and father that their deep love brought you into this world and into my life!

Happy Birthday Darling xxx

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